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  1. d0584776

  2. The VIP set is very powerful and beautiful, but I think the attributes should be separated. I collected a lot of SR、item visual. I spend more than 50,000 cash in the item virtual, but due to the attributes, I can hardly wear them. I know that there are attribute transfers. , But I'm collecting item virsul, that's a destructive transfer. I don't want to destroy the item virtual(I have lost the look of my Amataraou apperence, but I want them now). I think the item virtual is a great fun for the GC, so I suggest that you can separate attributes from the item virsual. (I don't mind using cash, but I think it should be fun for all players to match their favorite apperence) Necklaces are also recommended for the same attack, and the same price does not matter. I like the special effects of some necklaces, but due to the attack power, I ca n’t wear them. Thank you for reading it.
  3. d0584776

    You may not know that when dio is nerfed, he is still a top character. When she is infinite, can you imagine how much he breaks the balance. But I think other char still need to be strengthened now .
  4. I have completed 75 times in "fronteira de karual", but never get "chifre de dual". Is there still droping now?