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  1. Accoltallet

    Feliz Natal ❤️
  2. Accoltallet

    I fixed image, Thank you for telling it. ❤️
  3. (▲Você pode verificar outras opções corrompido(You can check other corrompido options)▲) 1. Flor Radiante 2. Flor Sombria 3. Mariposa Requiem 4. Mestre Ceifador Se você encontrar um problema, eu irei consertar. (If have a problem, I will fix it) Obrigado
  4. Accoltallet

    1. Cauda do Dragao Esqueleto Efeito : Todos os atributos + 25 Efeito : Acerto Critico + 5.10% Efeito : Dano Critico + 10.00% set item : Epico Pacote Visual (O) 2. Amaterasu  set item : Epico Pacote Visual (O) 3. Frigidaz set item : Epico Pacote Visual (O) 4. Estrela Negro Efeito : Todos os atributos + 250 Efeito : Ataque + 200 Efeito : Dano Critico + 8.00% set item : Epico Pacote Visual (O) 5. Maldição de Ernas set item : Epico Pacote Visual (O) 6. Servius set item : Epico Pacote Visual (O) 7. Julgamento set item : Epico Pacote Visual (O)
  5. Accoltallet

    It is sad news. I hope it will be improved. I can understand it and will do it. Thank you for your guide.
  6. Accoltallet

    His opinion is right. But there was confusion between my question and Way's answer. I can't get appropriate answer. Lighting function disappeared compared with past. Certain parts in past is bright and dark. I think it have something to do with beta update. If talking about it could be problem, I will not talk about it.
  7. Ola. I find change in graphic Could you explain about this problem? And, I wonder that could you recover it.
  8. Accoltallet

    I can get information about it. Thank you for your guidance.
  9. Ola. I am foreign player. After many Nitro Disocrd users boosted server, Can they recommend one login account? Then, Can account's user get duplicate rewards? Please tell me about it. Because I want to make Brincos do Eclipse Solar e Lunar Thank you for your hard work.
  10. Accoltallet

    I believe Way endeavors for making good contents. So I can wait for it. Although we feel some boredom, I think we should trust Way now.
  11. Olá. As perguntas anteriormente feitas são resolvidas. (VIP sistema) Mas de repente me perguntei. Você considera ressuscitar 'War of Vermesty' na próxima vez? Isso me deixará emocionante. Se for difícil, entendo.Esta é apenas uma sugestão. Obrigado por gerenciar Way. Aguardo a sua resposta.
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